Mi-T-M Pressure Washers



Mi-T-M is a world leader in the pressure washer industry, manufacturing over 200 different models to UL and CSA standards. Since 1971, Mi-T-M's tradition of manufacturing quality products has been renowned in the industry

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Portable Cold Water [Gas]


CWC-Series-GasCWC Series

CW-Premium-SeriesCW Premium Series

JCW-SeriesJCW Series

Portable Cold Water [Diesel]

CW-Series-dieselCW Series

Portable Cold Water [Electric]

CW-Electric-SeriesCW Series

Portable Hot Water [Gas/Diesel]


MiTM_HDD_SeriesHDD Series

HDC-SeriesHDC Series

Portable Hot Water [Natural Gas/Electric]

MiTM_HLP_SeriesHLP Series

Portable Hot Water [Diesel/Electric]

HSE Series

HHM Series

Portable Hot Water [Gas]

HSP-SeriesHSP Series

Stationary Hot Water [Natural Gas]

HEGHV-SeriesHEG HV Series

MiTM_HEG_SeriesHEG Series

mtm_hgm_seriesHGM Series

Stationary Hot Water [Electric]

MiTM_EH_SeriesEH Series

Stationary Hot Water [Gas/Diesel]

MiTM_HDB_SeriesHDB Series

HVS-SeriesHVS Series

MiTM_HDS_SeriesHDS Series