Waste Oil Furnaces


Burning waste oil for energy recovery is a great concept for reducing your heating costs, eliminating your disposal concerns and protecting the environment.

Reznor is the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial and commercial heating systems.

Patented Metering Fuel Pump
Constant rate pump delivers a uniform flow of fuel regardless of viscosity. No manual adjustments required to maintain a constant flame.

Built-in Air Compressor
Allows 24/7 operation without running the shop compressor.

Oil Preheater
Accurately maintains oil temperature for consistent flame. Can be completely disassembled for easy maintenance.

Best in the industry. Ten years on the heat exchanger.

REZNOR - The logical choice for converting your waste oil into FREE HEAT

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boiler_smallWaste Oil Boiler (PDF)

The Reznor Waste Oil Boiler can provide you with hot water year-round for applications such as truck or car washing, or process heat. If you need hot water and generate waste oil year-round, the Reznor Waste Oil Boiler is perfect. (Available in 350 & 500,000 BTU sizes only.)

Renzorra-radseriesRA/RAD Series (PDF)

The Reznor Waste Oil Heater has been engineered for reliability, carrying the industry’s strongest warranty —10 years. Its unique flow control pump virtually eliminates the need for manual user adjustment, and assures complete combustion of #2 – 50 weight waste oil.

venturion_small Venturion (PDF)

Designed right, Venturion Used-Oil-Fired Heaters are owner-friendly, providing one of the industry’s easiest, quickest and least expensive systems to maintain. Flexible installation options, UL and CSA Certified,  these units also boast a 10 year warranty.