Wastewater Treatment Systems

WaterMaze Water Treatment Systems

Industrial Wash-Water Treatment Systems

Water Maze systems treat and recycle wash-water generated by pressure washers and other cleaning equipment.

Water Maze is North America’s largest manufacturer of industrial wash-water treatment systems. Since 1989 Water Maze has been manufacturing water treatment systems principally for pressure washing applications.

Today there are more than 9,000 Water Maze systems installed worldwide utilizing a broad range of technologies including electrocoagulation, bioremediation and mechanical filtration.

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Alpha SeriesALPHA Series (PDF)

High-Efficiency, Industrial, Above-Ground
Oil-Water Separator
Flow Rate up to 30 GPM
Stainless Steel Cabinet
Up to 1000 sq. ft. of Coalescing Surface Area
Optimum Ozone Treatmen

DeltaDELTA Series (PDF)

Compact, Self-Contained, Wash-Water Treatment and Recycling System
Flow Rates up to 30 GPM
Stainless Steel Oil-Water Separator Cabinet
Up to 1000 sq. ft. of Coalescing Surface Area
High-Output Ozone Treatmen

CL SeriesCL Series (PDF)

Modular Clarifiers Capable of Pre-Treatment, Sewer Discharge or Recycling of Wash-Water
Models with Flow Rates up to 30 GPM
Self-Contained Yet Modular Flexibility
Above-Ground Design; No Large, Costly PIts
Most Uniquely Versatile System in America

CLP SeriesCLP Series (PDF)

Automatic and Manual Wash Water Treatment Systems for Recycling or Sewer Discharge
Flow Rate up to 30 GPM
Unique Oil-Attracting Coalescing
Ozone Treatment
ETL Safety Certified

CLB SeriesCLB Series (PDF)

Advanced Biological Treatment Systems for Golf-Turf, Commercial and Industrial Wastewater
Modular BioSystems for Total Flexibility
All-Natural Recycle or Discharge Systems
Works for Golf-Turf and Industrial Applications
Easy to Maintain with Automatic Purge Feature

CLPB SeriesCLPB Series (PDF)

NEW... Integrated Bioremediation and Filtration Wash-Water Treatment System
Flow Rate up to 30 GPM
Automated and Self-Contained
No Chlorine or Hazardous Agents
Increased Flexibility in Detergent Usage
Treats Emulsified Oils and Suspended Solids


ASA 900 SeriesASA 900 Series (PDF)

Clay Treatment of Oil-Laden Wastewater
Stationary Emulsion-Splitting System
Treats Up to 5,700 Gallons Per Day
Extra High Quality Water for Recycling
Tolerant of Fluctuations in pH and TDS

EC1-300A EC1-300A Series (PDF)

Automated Wastewater Recycle or Treat-and-Discharge System
Utilizes Super-Versatile EC+Plus™ Technology
Totally Enclosed Cabinet for Outdoor Protection
Automated for Easy Operation and Maintenance
Tank Made of Non-Corrosive Stainless Steel

PM1000 SeriesPM-1000 Series (PDF)

Automatic Pit Management System Using Bioremediation for Odor Control
Fits Most Brands of Water Treatment Systems
Easy In-Field Installation
Biology Consumes Oils, Grease, Hydrocarbons
Effectively Reduces Odor

HBG Series HBG Series (PDF)

Conventional Wastewater Evaporator with Unique, Energy-Efficient Combustion Chamber
Evaporation Rate of up to 30 Gallons per Hour
Heated by Natural Gas, Propane or Electricity
Optional Upgrade of Tank to Stainless Steel
ETL Safety Certified to UL-795

WB Series WB Series (PDF)

Super Energy-Efficient Wastewater Evaporator with Patented Design Using Submerged Combustion Technology
Evaporates up to 120 Gallons per Hour
Fueled by Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
100% Heat Exchanger Efficiency
ETL Safety Certified to UL-795